Kitchen Dinette Dining Room Chair Elegant Design Leather Backrest Brown

Product description:

Dining chairs are beautifully upholstered in half PU leather with high-quality pine wood legs. There is no doubt to say that such an elegant addition and suit any décor style dining room with the colors. The soft cushions and backrests make for an enjoyable seat. These stylish dining chairs fit anywhere, leaving you a comfort sitting and you will make full use of them. 


Set includes 2 chairs

Upholstered with half PU leather

Suitable for diverse rooms

Assemble & clean easily

Package Content:

1 Chair

Installation instruction



SKU: 40600080#D

Material: Pine wood legs+ Half PU leather

Product Dimension: L425mm*W590mm*H905mm

Product Dimension: Approx. 17’’x23’’x36’’            

Seat Depth: 425mm/approx.17’’

Seat Thickness: 100mm/approx.4’’

Backrest Height: 460mm/approx.18’’

Leg Height: 380mm/approx.15’’

Home Assembly Required: Yes

Product Features

  • stylish dining chairs fit anywhere
  • Assemble & clean easily
  • Suitable for diverse rooms
  • Upholstered with half PU leather
  • Color:Brown,Product Dimension: Approx. 17”x23”x36”

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