Black Parsons Dining Side Chairs (Set of 2 Chairs)

Enhance the look of your dining room space with these beautiful, elegant Parsons dining chairs. Come packaged as a set of 2.

Product Features

  • Compact Side Chair Design, Good for Small Spaces
  • Black Upholstery with Black Wooden Legs
  • Elegant, Contemporary Design
  • Can be used as a side chair or dining chair
  • Comes packaged as a set of 2

2 thoughts on “Black Parsons Dining Side Chairs (Set of 2 Chairs)”

  1. Great Customer Service from the Seller I could not find a better deal on similar chairs anywhere after an exhaustive online search. No prices even came close–not used ones on Craigslist or ebay either.I ordered 4 sets (8 chairs) from Herat Oriental. They arrived quickly. Assembly wasn’t bad– a couple of chairs had slight differences in leg lengths. I’m wasn’t upset about it because I complaining when you’re paying roughly $35 per chair when they are normally $200 each at other retailers!One of the 8…

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