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Cuisinart TOA-70 AirFryer Oven Grill Review

The Cuisinart TOA 70 AirFryer Oven Grill is an innovative and versatile kitchen appliance that promises to revolutionize the way you cook. Offering a combination of air frying convection baking and grilling capabilities this compact oven grill provides a wide range of cooking options to suit all your culinary needs.

Key Features –

  • 2 in 1 appliance AirFryer and Oven Grill
  • 1800 watts of power
  • Large capacity with adjustable racks
  • 7 functions – air fry convection bake convection broil bake broil warm and toast
  • Intuitive digital controls with adjustable temperature and timer settings
  • Automatic shut off and interior light for added convenience
  • Includes a full range of accessories – oven rack baking pan air fryer basket and more


One of the standout features of the Cuisinart TOA 70 is its versatility. With its 2 in 1 functionality you can easily switch between using it as an air fryer or an oven grill depending on your cooking needs. The appliance delivers powerful performance with its 1800 watts of power ensuring quick and efficient cooking results.

The large capacity of this oven grill is also worth highlighting. With adjustable racks you can easily accommodate different sizes of food items and cook multiple dishes at once. Whether you’re preparing a family feast or hosting a dinner party the Cuisinart TOA 70 has got you covered.

The seven different functions offered by this appliance make it incredibly versatile. From air frying to convection baking convection broiling to traditional baking and broiling and even toasting and warming you can accomplish a wide range of cooking tasks with ease.

The intuitive digital controls of the Cuisinart TOA 70 allow you to adjust the temperature and timer settings effortlessly. This ensures precise cooking and gives you full control over your culinary creations. The appliance also features automatic shut off and an interior light which add convenience and safety to your cooking experience.

The Cuisinart TOA 70 comes with a comprehensive set of accessories including an oven rack baking pan and air fryer basket. These accessories enhance the versatility of the appliance and provide you with everything you need to start cooking delicious meals right away.

Now let’s take a moment to highlight the strengths of the Cuisinart TOA 70 –

  1. Versatile functionality – Its 2 in 1 design allows you to air fry bake broil warm toast and more making it a versatile addition to your kitchen.
  2. Powerful performance – With 1800 watts of power this oven grill delivers fast and efficient cooking results.
  3. Convenient controls and features – The intuitive digital controls adjustable temperature and timer settings automatic shut off and interior light make cooking a breeze.
  4. Large capacity – The adjustable racks and spacious interior give you the flexibility to cook for larger groups or multiple dishes simultaneously.
  5. Comprehensive accessories – The included oven rack baking pan and air fryer basket expand your cooking possibilities and allow for different cooking methods.

In conclusion the Cuisinart TOA 70 AirFryer Oven Grill is a game changer in the kitchen. Its versatile functionality powerful performance convenient controls and features large capacity and comprehensive accessories make it an excellent choice for any home cook. With this appliance you can indulge in guilt free crispy air fried dishes or perfectly baked and grilled meals all from the comfort of your own kitchen. Upgrade your cooking experience and bring this versatile powerhouse into your culinary arsenal today!

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